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All Request Improvisation
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21st-Nov-2005 05:54 pm - Request 1.2
rana name
Title: Like Somebody's Watching
Pairing: Oriya/Hisoka (YnM)
Rating: Inexplicit
Scenario: attempt to seduce
Setting: Oriya's bed
Challenge: 1.2
Author's Note: Betaed by runefallstarRune and elizacakeEliza.

There's somebody in the room.Collapse )
7th-Nov-2005 07:14 pm - Request 1.8
Serenius Angel Icon 02
Title: Tradition (Ooh, I'm original...)
Pairing: Oriya/Hisoka
Rating: PG-13 (Use of alcohol and Hisoka's foul mouth.)
Scenario: Making New Traditions
Setting: Ko Kaku Rou
Challenge: 1.8

Click HereCollapse )
sanzo by psychodragon
Please use the following format to submit your request:

Pairing/Character (fandom in parenthesis)
Scenarios: (3 words only, i.e. won't say goodbye or tied to bed)
Setting (2 words i.e. Oriya's bed, on fence or dark alley)

Requests submitted so farCollapse )

Each story must be clearly labeled with group and request number (i.e. Group 1-#2 [request] ), fandom and character/pairing and rating. Fic of 100 words or more must be placed under a cut tag.

Please use the following header:

Use the following header:

Subject Line: [Group and Request #]
Warnings: if applicable
Challenge: (Group and Request #)

Subject Line: 1.2
Title: ?
Pairing: Oriya/Hisoka
Rating: R
Scenario: attempt to seduce
Setting: Oriya's bed
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